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TPSP is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit that’s primary operation centres around promoting STEM education via diverting scientific equipment from landfill and donates it to schools in need. We are a registered charity with current DGR status via an auspice arrangement with The Royal Society of Victoria.


At the Phoenix School Program, we recognise that rather than simply buying more - we can do a lot with what we already have.

Currently, organisations spend millions of dollars on scientific equipment, which, due to the innovative nature of science, tends to be readily replaced with the latest and greatest with little care or regards to the afterlife of the superseded equipment.  

More often than not, this superseded equipment sits around collecting dust, or, even worse, it is placed in a bin and taken away to landfill in perfect working order. Meanwhile, the infrastructure available for STEM education in schools is limited. Among the educators we have spoken to, the entire annual average budget for Science faculties can be as low as $2,000.

Meet the team looking after the back end and operational side of The Phoenix School Program.
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The Phoenix School Program is a small volunteer run charity, we’re always looking for a helping hand. Drop us a line or an email to find out how you can help support STEM.

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