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Donate Equipment

As a charity that donates science equipment, one of our biggest needs is, you guessed it, science equipment. Schools need all sorts of equipment, especially glassware. Having said that, incubators, HPLC’s, microscopes, If you’re currently working in a laboratory, or manage a laboratory we’d love to ask you to consider us the next time you upgrade or equipment becomes without a home. In exchange we will pick up the equipment at no cost to you and ensure that it goes on to a better home!

We ask that all equipment donated be cleaned and decontaminated before we pick it up. While we are diligent in ensuring items are cleaned before donation, we also appreciate the extra oversight on your behalf.

Donate Equipment

We’re a new charity and run primarily by volunteers. If you have any skills you can donate to the cause either in social media, communications, network contacts, anything you think that could help, let us know!

Spreading the word about this initiative is critical. Equipment is habitually thrown out by previous owners as there has never been an alternative to doing so. Making people aware and reminding them is going to be very important in making a paradigm shift in how equipment is handled after it’s no longer used.

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If you don’t have time, or equipment, you can always help support the operation by making a financial contribution. Our overheads include everything from insurances, storage, website hosting, logistics and transport of equipment.